I’m not going out on Tuesdays now (unless I get back early!)…

Last night saw the return of one of my favourite TV series from last year – the second season of Mad Men started, and it looks just as good as ever.

Everything about this show is so stylish, they put an immense amount of research into getting it exactly right for the period at the start of the 1960s in New York. The dresses are so fabulous and woman-shaped, and Christina Hendricks deserves a medal for bringing real curves back into fashion as Joan Holloway, the Office Manager. Jon Hamm as Don Draper the Ad Agency’s Creative Director makes it all hang together and is always good to look at.

If last night was your first episode though, you’d be forgiven for not understanding half of what was going on between all the characters, as the show’s creators are expecting you to keep up. Plotwise it was rather slowburn too, although there was one real cracker of a scene. Don was taking his wife out for Valentine’s night at a very swanky hotel, and she bumps into an old school-friend accompanied by a much older man. Polite conversation ensues and after they go Don and Betty talk along these lines …

Betty: I never thought she’d end up with someone that old.
Don: I don’t think the relationship’s permanent!
Betty: I don’t understand.
Don: She’s a party girl.

Party girl – That’s a good one!

The bits I like best are those where the ad-men plus Peggy (secretary turned junior copywriter) get creative and are throwing slogans and ideas around. One of my ambitions at about eighteen was to be a copywriter in an ad agency – whatever happened to that eh?

So Mad Men is required viewing for me. Even though I have Sky+, it’s one I’ll happily stay in for. You can catch up on the show in some detail on its official website here.

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