This one gave me the creeps…

I See You by Clare Mackintosh

I see you. But you do’t see me. You’re engrossed in your book; a paperback cover with a girl in a red dress. I can’t see the title but it doesn’t matter; they’re all the same. If it isn’t boy meets girl, it’s boy stalks girl. Boy kills girl.
The irony isn’t lost on me.

This isn’t going to be a long review – if you like British crime thrillers, you’ll want to read this one.

Zoe Walker glances at the freebie newspaper on the way home on the train. She’s shocked – she sees her photograph attached to a chatline advert. The police don’t take it seriously until Zoe connects another pickpocketing crime on the tube to another woman’s picture in a chatline ad.

PC Kelly Swift of the British Transport Police was handling the pick-pocketing crime – and she feels the connection is worth investigating…

Thus begins a cat and mouse game between stalker and stalked and Zoe will end up suspecting everyone, well nearly everyone…

That’s all I’m saying!  Read this one – it might creep you out, but it’s twisty, clever, and more than a little bit scary. I’m off to get a copy of Mackintosh’s first, I Let You Go now… (10/10)

Source: Own copy

Clare Mackintosh, I See You (Sphere, Jul 2016) Hardback, 384 pages.

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  1. Linda Boa says:

    This does sound good. Creepy is something I enjoy! Don’t know why I haven’t got to this yet. Her first one was very good. I’m going to have to copy you with these shorter reviews. The reading bit’s the easy bit!

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