Grady Hendrix – a horror writer with style!

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Firstly, my review of his newest book is up at Shiny New Books. Don’t you just love the cover above!

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This one is set in the same milieu as his book My Best Friend’s Exorcism (which I reviewed here, cover to your right). That was set in High School and featured rumoured demonic possession. The book was styled as a High School Yearbook and it had some genuine horror along with perfect 1980s referencing, a great playlist, and witty style, all told from the pupils’ points of view.

The new book is somewhat of a companion piece, and is all told from the parents’ points of view, specifically a group of housewives who have a book group and encounter a vampire. Again, the styling is spot on and the horror and dark humour are there too.

I began my love of Grady Hendrix’s books though with this one on your left…

Horrorstör reviewed here, is set in a furniture store, unwittingly built on top of a highway to hell.

It was so well done, the whole book is styled in homage to the Swedish store we know so well. If you visit the book’s page on Amazon (click here via my affiliate link) you can see a selection of other images from inside.

Horrorstör was Hendrix’s first book for Quirk Books, and there was one I missed inbetween My BF’s E and the new one. We Sold Our Souls is set in the world of Goth and heavy metal – it’s now on my shelves and I’m looking forward to it.

Source: Review copy – thank you to Jamie at Quirk.

Grady Hendrix – The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, Quirk Books, April 2020, hardback, 352 pages.

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