Feeding my inner geek

I’m still on my space kick, and this is one book I’d really like to have – Apollo 11 – Owner’s Workshop Manual. I’ve not actually seen it, but being a Haynes Manual, I would expect some detailed technical drawings, articles about the evolution of the design of the Lunar Module, and the Saturn V rocket that got them there, plus items on some of the procedures etc, etc, etc. It’s on my wishlist.


Back in the early 1980s when I rode a motorbike, I had a Honda CB250RS. This was the sporty cousin to the Superdream, with it’s four stroke, four valve engine and twin exhausts. Here it is zipped back and forwards from Norfolk where I worked at the time to Harlow, where the boyfriend du jour was – it served me well.

On the occasions when I didn’t have him around to help service it, the Haynes manual was invaluable to me being a non-mechanical. (Just in case there is anyone reading who knows this bike, you can just see that it has a round car headlamp, and not the flash rectangular one it came with. This was the result of dropping it after skidding on a huge freshly laid oil patch on the A11 at Thetford.)

Unfortunately no photos exist of me with my mean machine – I’d have loved to show off my red leather jacket and serious biker boots to you, so you’ll just have imagine it!

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