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While I clearly state on my ‘Info & Stuff’ page above, and mention from time to time in posts, I haven’t been shouting from the rooftops that when you click through on a book title link (or films etc), you’ll get taken to Amazon where you can order said item (or anything else for that matter) and I’ll get a commission from the sale. I’ve been an affiliate for about eighteen months, and so far, readers’ click-throughs have earned me an immense £12.89 – which I haven’t seen yet, as I have to earn £25 to trigger a payment.

Obviously I’m not in blogging for the money! It is nice to get a few freebies here and there which are very much appreciated. I do get a lot from blogging though – my personal gain is all about talking books and ‘stuff’ with you, and interacting with you, my brilliant blog-friends.

So, I shall try a new format … In the interests of clarity, so that links in my blog text are links to places other than online retail emporia, (unless explicitly flagged up as such), I’m not going to include them in the text. Instead I’ll include the Amazon link(s) at the bottom of a post. While this may seem a more obvious way of promoting my affiliation, it’ll save you getting annoyed, (and doubly so if you’re not in the UK) if you click a link in the text and get taken to Amazon UK when you’d hoped to be taken somewhere else. As doesn’t support external widgets, I can only include the links, not the Amazon buttons, so it’ll look fairly subtle I hope!

Using the two books I’m currently reading as examples – here’s how it will look at the bottom of a post. Please do let me know your thoughts…


Buy these books from …
* Yellow Blue Tibia: A Novel by Adam Roberts
* Hector & the Search for Happiness (Hector’s Journeys) by François Lelord

0 thoughts on “Click-through clarity

  1. Jenny says:

    I have no comments either way on the linkage, I’m not that fussed. Just the mild note that I’m unlikely to help you generate cash – I see you are after the big bucks! – because I tend to prefer The Book Depository.

    But I got excited to see that you were reading Yellow Blue Tibia! I read it a little while ago, and you’ve reminded me that I completely missed it off my books list. Look forward to seeing your thoughts on it, anyway 🙂

    • gaskella says:

      Thanks Jenny. I’m a few chapters in on Yellow Blue Tibia and am enjoying it hugely already – can’t wait to see what happens.

  2. Tom C says:

    I’m an affiliate with Book Depository and get 5% on any sales. I don’t spend this money – it builds up and will go to the Centre Point charity for their Christmas appeal. £37 so far this year – not much, but its good to feel that there is some point in blogging!

  3. Yvonne says:

    Like yourself, I am an Amazon affiliate, and have no illusion about how much commission I WON’T be making.
    I personally, blog because I enjoy it and have got to know so many great people, in the short time I have been doing it.
    Having a commercial site, where you are going all out for affiliate commission, is a whole different ballgame and I’m not sure that I am up to that challenge technically, just yet.
    Love the site by the way.

    • gaskella says:

      Thanks Yvonne.
      It always amazes me what people finally buy when they click through to Amazon – rarely the book clicked from.

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