By Dickens! …

… I’m enjoying the Beeb’s Little Dorrit. I watched three episodes back to back last night and loved every minute. I have to admit I nearly shed a tear when Little Dorrit left the Marshalsea looking back to lovely, nice Mr Clennam.

Talking of Mr Clennam, I definitely prefer Matthew MacFadyen here to his turn as Mr D’Arcy in the 2005 film of Pride and Prejudice, (and of course he was the original hero in the first couple of series of BBC spy drama Spooks). I’m still not quite sure where Gollum and his Italian ex-cellmate have to do with it entirely, but love Andy Sirkis’ superb overacting as the nasty Frenchman. I also love young Russell Tovey (The History Boys), his anguish after Amy turned him down was hard to bear. In fact, the entire cast is magnificent and it’s yet another hit adaptation from the pen of Andrew Davies. I note you can already pre-order the DVD, but you will have to wait until the end of January for it.

Meanwhile, the plot thickens … how long can Amy last without her ‘friendship’ with Mr Clennam? What power does the evil Frenchman have over Clennam-mere? Who is the mysterious Miss Wade? How long can Mr Merdle survive living with such a nasty piece of work as his wife (and parrot)? I’ll have to wait ’til next Wednesday now!

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