Best laid plans…

It should have been straightforward.

I planned to move my own domain from one webhosting company to another. Already having an account with 1&1 for Shiny, moving my domain from iPage to there would save me a second tranche of webhosting fees as you can have multiple domains at little extra cost.  I’d also found that iPage was slow and often timed me out.

I backed up all my recent content and created the WP Export file I’d need to re-upload my blog when the domain had been re-registered to 1&1.

The transfer went through.

The export file wouldn’t upload.  SH*T!!!!

So, I’ve had to go back to a previous WP export file from when I was leaving and moving to to have my own domain.

Consequently, until I repost, I’ve lost everything after Jan 2015… Further investigation reveals that a chunk from the middle around 2012 has disappeared too.

Luckily, I have all of the recent posts and some of the middle ones in one form or another.

I have immediately reposted all the Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week posts, and am starting to restore old reviews. I won’t add them all back, but apologies for filling your in-boxes with old posts – I will also need to redo a lot of the links.

So I have a project for the summer, other than reading!

6 thoughts on “Best laid plans…

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings says:

    Ooops… What a faff for you Annabel – I do sympathise. I guessed things were going on when I started getting emails but I do hope you manage to sort things out. I pretty much always write my posts offline first and then paste them in, because that way I should have a backup if things go pear shaped. Good luck with fixing it all! (And I think you’re right about the speed thing – often your pages would take ages to load, and the comments would hang for ages. This seems much quicker).

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      The whole timing out/comments/page-caching business with iPage was driving me mad – but I paid for the year contract. Luckily I do have most of the back-up files to cut and paste from, and will group some older reviews together over the summer.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      Luckily I now have all the text/pix/html – but will have to (selectively) repost updating all the links and categories, tags etc – but ho-hum – I could have lost it for good!

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