BBAW Interview Day

zen leafWelcome to day two of Book Bloggers Appreciation Week – It’s interview day. I was assigned Amanda of The Zen Leaf and we’ve been batting emails back and forth for a few days interviewing each other.

Amanda’s blog is new to me so after having a good look around it I started off by asking Amanda how long she’s been blogging. It turns out we’re both in our eighth year!  Amanda is based in Texas and apart from blogging about books also talks about wellness, specifically her own wellness, a brave thing to do.

amandaI asked Amanda about her favourite books…

  • Recent ones – recently I’m totally obsessed with the works of Brandon Sanderson.
  • A childhood one – The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
  • All time fave – Possession by AS Byatt

Next I asked Amanda, are there any kinds of books you don’t enjoy reading?    I don’t tend to enjoy books that are all-plot, all-genre, or all-literary. I like a good mix between story and depth. I also don’t tend to read much in the way of historical fiction or children’s books, and I’m super picky about nonfiction.

What about favourite genres?  I like a bit of most things, but books with fantasy elements (from full-on fantasy to occult thrillers to magical realism) tend to be my favorites.

amandas fave thingsHogwarts House?  Amanda asked me this so I asked her back:  Slytherin, and I’m proud of it! Hee hee.

Your best blogging tip?   Know why you’re blogging and don’t let other considerations drive you away from your primary aim!

Finally, I asked for a couple of other blogs to recommend –   Gah! Just a few?? Um, the first that spring to mind, totally randomly, are:

And oh how it hurts to stop at five…

It’s been lovely to ‘meet’ you Amanda and to explore your blog.  I will definitely read some Brandon Sanderson (I find I have Steelheart in my TBR piles) and it’s great to visit some of your favourite blogs too. Happy BBAW!

You can see Amanda’s interview of me at her blog here.


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