An evening with (the UK’s) Doctor Phil

So it was off to Abingdon School’s super Amey Theatre on Saturday evening for a couple of hours with the UK’s Doctor Phil – not to be confused with Oprah’s one!

Phil Hammond is a doctor in general practice and a very funny comedian, and we were treated to his one man show full of typical doctor’s humour in which he discussed how to live longer, (dogs play a big part in his philosophy) and what to do if the person sitting next to you has a heart-attack. Apparently, the General Medical Council insist he has an element of patient education in his shows if he is only GPing for one day a week, it was very funny education though. In the second half he answered loads of questions submitted anonymously from the audience, including testing a urine sample someone had brought in – but he was obviously expecting this having the requisite test strips to hand! (was that a plant? – even if it was, it got the laughs!)

Medicine Balls: Consultations with the World’s Greatest TV Doctor is Dr Phil’s latest paperback and very funny it is too – partly based on his regular columns for Private Eye. He’s originally from Australia, but has been based in the West Country since age 7, and will be familiar to UK readers from his many TV appearances including on ‘Have I got news for you’.

Uncharacterisically I managed to get in a photo – usually hiding behind the lens, but here we are… I’d recommend his shows and books though which go a long way towards proving that laughter is the best therapy.

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