A Weekend Miscellany

I need to get my reviewing mojo back! In the pile of books sitting beside my laptop are some absolutely brilliant novels I read over the summer, but haven’t felt able to write about – yet! Sometimes I really struggle to get started when drafting a book review. Do you ever get periods like that? Luckily, I’ve not lost my joy for reading – passing 100 books read so far this year at the end of September, which is where I am usually.

I know it finished at the start of September, but I forgot to tell you how I did with my 20 Books of Summer – I managed 11 out of 20 – which, given that they were all books from my TBR wasn’t bad. You can see my list of twenty with the links to the 11 I read and reviewed here.

Earlier this morning it was the annual charity book sale at a local church hall (St Mary Magdalen, Barrow Rd, Shippon – open until 4pm) – and below is my haul. I was quite restrained today but am delighted with my tenner’s worth – especially the three books at the bottom – it will be wonderful to browse the wonderful photography and revisit those eras (I hasten to add, I wasn’t alive in the 1950s!).


6 thoughts on “A Weekend Miscellany

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      I still have the other nine in a prominent pile, so I hope to fit more TBR books in between others.

  1. Rebecca Foster says:

    I’ve gone through periods where I get tons of reading done but no reviewing at all, and the books just pile up and pile up until finally I get some motivation and blitz them — often via a round-up of mini reviews. Strangely, it’s often the books I love the most that I find hardest to write about. I read one in August that is probably my book of the year and yet I still can’t bring myself to write it up, partially because I marked out so many quotes I don’t know how I’ll ever do it justice.

    Great book haul there! I do love a charity sale. I’ve read the dictionary book, and lots of Sara Wheeler. She’s wonderful. Essie Fox is an author I’ve always meant to read.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      Looking forward to the Sara Wheeler even more now. On reviewing, I agree it’s the best books that are often the hardest to write about.

  2. bookbii says:

    I find it hard to review a book if I’ve started reading something else already, reviewing helps me to explore and understand how I feel about a book but if another book is already in my mind it’s almost impossible to get back in the mindset of the book I’ve just read. I read a lot less these days, but I think because of that much more of it sticks.
    Nice haul of books by the way. The Sara Wheeler book has piqued my interest for some time now. I’d be interested to hear what you think of it when you get around to reading it.

    • AnnaBookBel says:

      With the help of all the pages I nearly always mark, I find I can get back into a book to write the review – I still have to think of that hook to get started though.

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