A nail’s tale.

This is not a post about books – It’s a musing about fingernails!
I tend to keep my nails really short – it’s a habit – I used to be a fiddle player. My nails have never been strong either, flaking at the slightest exposure to harsh treatment; but apart from painting on nail strengthener when I remember and filing the odd rough edge, they get no special care.
Just occasionally, a fingernail will grow and not get broken and I’ll see how long I can get it – just for fun. Well today, I gave up on my right little fingernail. It’s lasted for several weeks and also naturally shaped itself and looks lovely – my daughter wishes her nails would grow that long. But now it’s in the way! I can’t type properly with it and I’m conscious of it all the time as it pokes into your palm when you close your hand, and importantly is there when you’re holding a book. There is something about a nicely shaped nail that makes your fingers look longer but this one is a distraction. It has to go…
Done! Trimmed back to a neat 1mm – it instantly feels better.

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  1. kimbofo says:

    Oooh, I remember when my nails used to look as lovely as that. I have psioratic arthritis in my hands which means my nails are HORRIBLE — all pitted and ridged and discoloured and incredibly thick in places and wafer thin in others. Ugggh.

  2. Annabel Gaskell says:

    Kim – that nail was unusual for me, but ultimately it just got in the way. Note I cleverly didn't show the rest of my hand though, which is full of hangnails, flaky thumbnails, loads of wee scars and chapped knuckles in autumn. Vanity, Schmanity!

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