20 Books of Summer – My books… !!!

A very quick post to say, yes, of course I shall participate in the 20 Books of Summer challenge hosted each year by Cathy of https://746books.com/. Yes, I’m going to aim for the full 20. I don’t always achieve it, but always get close.

And yes, I am going to cheat in how I choose my 20 books!

The moment I pick a pile of books to read, I no longer want to read any of them, so I would be doomed to failure. So, I am going to pick my 20 books at whim from my TBR which exceeds the amount I can read before I keel over – but does offer choice – and I like that.

I will set one condition though, I must have acquired the books before the beginning of this year, any of those books will count, and I will count re-reads for book group. For each book, I’ll check out my bedside bookcase first to see if something grabs me, before looking at my other shelves. I hope I can achieve a balance too, including NF, a chunkster or more, poetry even, and not to pepper my 20 books with too many novellas (until I’m running out of time that is).

Anything which helps to reduce the TBR is a good thing. I’m sure you’ll agree.

11 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer – My books… !!!

  1. BookerTalk says:

    A very good plan indeed. I do love making lists but am not so good at sticking to them. I set myself a goal this year to read 24 books from my TBR that I purchased before 2024. It’s one way of whittling down that backlog

  2. Marcie McCauley says:

    I’m in agreement that getting close (especially when challenging oneself and not choosing a whole stack of middle-grade novels when it’s a quantity exercise of twenty heheh) counts: good luck!

  3. Margaret says:

    I’m the same – every time I make a list when it comes to reading those books I don’t want to read them. Why is that? So I think you’re on to a good idea. Every time I’ve taken part I’ve read more than 20 books over the summer, just not all of them off the list.

  4. Lory says:

    Yikes, it’s already time to think about books of summer! I like your approach. I know about the problem of not reading the very books you intended to read, so it’s good to be more flexible!

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