You can judge a book by its cover – can’t you?

Browsing in Mostly Books yesterday I saw the new Zoe Heller novel The Believers. It has one of those lovely tactile dustjackets with gold and light embossing that the pic here can’t even start to do justice to – but you do really want to pick it up and read it, (perhaps taking the dustjacket off to preserve it once you’ve settled in).

I try to resist (and often fail) buying hardbacks, but this one I shall probably make an exception for, as I loved both her previous novels, and some years ago when she wrote a column in the Sunday Times I never missed an episode. All this goes to show that you probably can judge a book by its cover … but only as long as you already know its author!

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  1. adevotedreader says:

    I’ve only read Notes on a Scandal , but was impressed by that and am looking forward to reading The Believers.You might be interested in listening to BBC 5’s bookpanel from last week, as it features Zoe and her book. The link is and I think the podcast is up until the new edition on Thu.And I think The Guardian had her on their bookclub as well recently, this time talking about Notes on a Scandal.

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