What to read next …

I’m really enjoying my Easter holidays reading literature for children and young adults – I still have a few more lined up for next week, but once we get to Monday 20th and it’s back to school, I shall be returning to grown-up fare! I’ve found it very rewarding reading these novels, they need just as much research, plotting and characterisation as books for adults, and even more care taken with language and pacing to keep younger readers reading. I might do an Easter kid-lit feast again next year, but will certainly include the occasional book for younger readers in amongst my normal reading.

Amongst the adult novels I have lined up for the next weeks are:
The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The post-apocalyptic one to read.
– Then I’ll be reading Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban. Yet another dystopian novel – I feel a theme coming on here, but I do enjoy them so. This title is my book group’s choice for April/May, and it’ll be interesting to compare and contrast with The Road.
– Then I’ll start reading some of the Canongate Myths series – retellings of ancient myths and legends by great authors. I’ve bought them all in hardback as they’ve come out, but have yet to start reading them – this is one of my New Year’s Reading Resolutions! Once started I aim to read them all during the coming months.

After that, well we’ll see what takes my fancy, or what gets recommended – I’d love to hear from you if you can suggest a title for me to read.

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