Shiny Linkiness

Although, all my reviews for Shiny New Books are linked through assorted posts and my annual reading lists, I wanted to acknowledge them all in one place. Click on the title to be whisked off to Shiny New Books…


ACIOLI, Socorro – The Head of the Saint (YA) (Dec-14)
ADAMS, Douglas The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Reprints – Oct-17)

AMBLER, Eric – The Light of Day (Apr-16)
ARDEN, Katherine – The Bear and the Nightingale (May-17)
ARNOTT, Jake – The Fatal Tree (Feb-17)
BAGLEY, Desmon – Running Blind (pbk reprint) (June-17)
BAKER Tim – Fever City (Apr-16)
BANKS, Iain – The Quarry (pbk) (Mar-14)
BARBERY, Muriel – The Life of Elves (June-16)
BARTLETT, Neil – The Disappearance Boy (Oct-14)
BIBLE, Michael – Sophia (Jan-16)
BOAST, Will – Daphne (Mar-18)
BOLT, Ranjit – A Lion Was Learning to Ski (Dec-15)
BONFIGLIOLI, Kyril – Don’t Point That Thing At Me (pbk reprint) (Aug-14)
BOULLE, Pierre – Desperate Games (Oct-14)
BOYTCHEV, Ogg – The Unbeliever (Apr-18)
BROOK, Rhidian – The Aftermath (Aug-14)
BYRNE, Ben – Fire Flowers (Apr-15)
CANNON, Joanna – Three Things About Elsie (Feb-18)
CAPUS, Alex – A Price to Pay (Jan15)
CAREW, Mark The Book of Alexander (Oct-18)

CHURCH, Elizabeth J – The Atomic Weight of Love (DEc-16)
CLANCHY, Kate – Meeting the English (pbk) (July-14)
CLARKE, Arthur C – Childhood’s End (Reprints, Oct-17)
CLINE, Emma – The Girls (Aug-16)
COE, Jonathan

CONNOLLY, John – He (Jun-18)
COOPER, Jilly – Riders (reprint) (Aug-15)
CRAIG, Amanda – The Lie of the Land (June-17)  Author Q&A
DAVIES, Deborah Kay – Reasons She Goes to the Woods (Aug-14)
DAWSON, Jill – The Tell-Tale Heart (Mar-14)
De BODARD, Alilette – The House of Shattered Wings (Oct-15)
De BOTTON, Alain – The Course of Love (June-16)
De KERANGAL, Maylis – Mend the Living  (Apr-16)

DELANEY, JP – The Perfect Wife (Aug-19)
DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan – The Lost World (Reprints, Oct-17)
DRURY, Tom – The End of Vandalism (pbk reprint) (Oct-15)
DUNANT, Sarah – In the Name of the Family (Mar-17)
EDUGYAN, Esi – Washington Black (Sept-18)
EXTENCE, Gavin – The Empathy Problem (Ot-16)
FIELDING, Karen – American Sycamore (May-14)
FIORATO, Marina – Beatrice and Benedick (July-14)
FORMAN, Gayle – I Was Here (YA) (Jan-15)
FREW. Peggy – Hope Farm (June-16) Author Q&A
FULLER, Claire

FURNISS, Clare – The Year of the Rat (YA)
FURST, Alan – A Hero in France (Aug-16)
GALE, Patrick – Take Nothing With You (Sept-18)
GALLOWAY, Steven – The Confabulist (Oct-14)
GARDNER, Sally – The Door That Led to Where (Apr-15)
GARNIER, Pascal – The Islanders (Dec-14)
GIBSON, Jasper – A Bright Moon for Fools (Aug-14)
GIORDANO, Mario – Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (Mar-17)
GOODMAN, David A. – The Autobiography of James T. Kirk (Oct-15)
GRAHAM, Winston – Ross Poldark (pbk reprint) (Apr-15)
GREEN, Sally – Half Wild (Apr-15)
GUTCHEON, Beth – Gossip  (Aug-14)
HARKAWAY, Nick – Tigerman (July-14)
HARRIS, Joanne (M.) – The Gospel of Loki (Feb-14)
HAYNES, Natalie – The Children of Jocasta (Aug-17)
HENDERSON, Emma – The Valentine House (Apr-17) Author Q&A
HENDERSON, Paul – The Last of the Bowmans (Jan-16)

HOFFMAN, Alice – The Musuem pf Extraordinary Things (May-14) Author Q&A
HOOPER, Emma – Etta and Otto and Russell and james (Apr-15)
HORNBY, Nick – Funny Girl (Jan-16)
HRBEK, Greg – Not on Fire, But Burning
IVEY, Eowyn – To the Bright Edge of the World (Aug-16)
JOHNCOCK, Benjamin – The Last Pilot (Aug-15)
ISHIGURU, Kazuo – The Buried Giant (Apr-15)
JOYCE, Rachel – The Music Shop (Aug-17)
KAWAKAMI, Hiromi – The Nakano Thrift Shop (Oct-16)
KNOX, Joseph
Sirens (Feb-17)
The Smiling Man (May-18)
KUNZRU, Hari – White Tears (July-17)
LAGERLOF, Selma – The Wonderful Adventure of Nils Holgersson (childrens) (Aug-16)
LAURAIN, Antoine

LAUTNER, Robert – The Road to Reckoning (Feb-14)
LEIGH, Mike – Abigail’s Party (pbk reprint) (May-17)

LESLIE, V.H. – Bodies of Water (Oct 2016)
LEVY, Deborah – Hot Milk (pbk) (July-17)
LEWIS, Bee Liminal (Oct-18)
LOUATAH, Sabri – Savages: The Wedding (Vol 1 of the Saint Etienne Quartet (Feb-18)
LI, Lillian – Number One Chinese Restaurant (Apr-19)
LYNCH, P.K. – Armadillos  (Jun-16)
MANDEL, Emily St John – Station Eleven (Oct-14)
MANGAN, Christine – Tangerine (Apr-18)
MASCARENHAS, Kate – The Psychology of Time Travel (Aug-18)
McBAIN, Ed – Cut me in (Jan-16)
McDERMID, Val – Northanger Abbey (Mar-14)
McDONAGH, Martine – Narcissism for Beginners (Mar-17) Author Q&A
McEWAN, Ian – The Children Act (Oct-14)
MILLS, Magnus – The Field of the Cloth of Gold (May-15)
MOYES, Jojo – The One Plus One (Mar-14)
MULHAUSER, Travis – Sweetgirl (Apr-16)
NESS, Patrick

O’DONNELL, Peter & ROMERO, Enric Badia – Modesty Blaise: Ripper Jax (Apr-16)
O’NEILL, Louise

OSBORNE, John – Look Back in Anger (play) (May-15)
PENNEY, Stef – Under a Pole Star (Dec-16)) Author Q&A
PRIEST, Christopher – The Adjacent (May-14)
PULLEY, Natasha – The Watchmaker of Filigree Steet (Aug-15)
PUNTI, Jordi – Lost Luggage (July-14)
RATTLE, Alison – The Madness (YA) (Mar-14)


ROYLE, Nicholas – An English Guide to Birdwatching (May-17) Author Q&A
ROYLE, Nicholas (2) – Ornithology (Oct-17)
RUSHDIE, Salman – Two Years Eight Months & Twenty-Eight Nights (Oct-15)
SANCHEZ GUEVARA, Canek – 33 Revolutions (Dec-16)
SAVAGE, Thomas – The Power of the Dog (reprint pbk) (Apr-16)
SEDGWICK, Marcus – The Ghosts of Heaven (YA) (Jan-15)
SHAW, Ali – The Trees (Apr-16)
SHEERS, Owen – I Saw a Man (July-15)
SIMENON, Georges – The Pitards (Aug-17)
SINGH, Sunny – Hotel Arcadia (May-15)
SLIMANI, Leila –Adele (Apr-19)
SPUFFORD, Francis – Golden Hill (June-16)
STEVENSON, Robert – Treasure Island (childrens) (Jan-16)

SUTHERLAND, Krystal – Our Chemical Hearts (YA)  (Oct-16)
THOMAS, Joe – Paradise City (Feb-17)
THYNNE, Jane – Interview on the Clara Vine novels (apr-15)
TOWLES, Amor – A Gentleman in Moscow (Dec-17)
TREMAYNE, S.K. – The Ice Twins (pbk) (Oct-15)
TSUSHIMA, Y – Territory of Light (May-18)
VARVELLO, Elena – Can you hear me?   (Aug-17)
VICK, Frances – Chinaski (Jan-15) Author Q&A
WALDO, Jen – Old Buildings in North Texas (Dec-16) Author Q&A
WALLIS, Rupert – All Sorts of Possible (YA) (Aug-15)
WEIR, Andy – Artemis (Nov 17)
WELBY, Venetia – Mother of Darkness (Mar-17)
WELLS, HG – The Time Machine (Reprints, Oct-17)
WELSH, Louise

WILCKEN, Hugo – The Reflection (Oct-15)
WILES, Will – The Way Inn (July-14)
WILLIAMS, Robert – Into the Trees (May-14)
YATES, Alexander – The Winter Place (YA) (Dec-15)
ZIERVOGEL, Meike – Kauthar (Oct-15)



Austenish – A reading list of Austen-inspired fiction (July-17)
Five Fascinating Facts about
Robert Aickman (Aug-14)
Anthony Burgess (July017)
Winston Graham (Apr-15)
Never Mind the World Cup, Let’s Read Around Brazil! (July-14)
The Shiny Advent Quiz (Dec-14)
The Return of the Shiny Advent Quiz (Dec-16)
South of the River: A Reading List (June-16)
Spotlight on Publishing – Unbound (Oct-14)


ALBERTINE Viv – To Throw Away Unopened (Aug-18)
ARCHER Jodie & JOCKER, Matthew L – The Bestseller Code (Aug-17)
BARBER, Lynn – A Curious Career  (July-14)
BELLOS, David – The Novel of the Century – The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Miserables (Feb-17)
CLAUDEL, Philippe – Parfums (Oct-14)
DARTNELL, Lewis – The Knowledge: How to rebuild our world after an apocalypse (Apr-15)
DELL, Christopher – Mythology: An Illustrated Journey into our Imagined Worlds (Oct-15)
DYER, Geoff – “Broadsword calling Danny Boy”: On Where Eagles Dare (Nov-18)
FLETCHER, Carrie Hope – All I Know Now  (May-15)
FOWLER, Christopher – The Book of Forgotten Authors (Dec-17)
GOMPERTZ, Will – Think Like an Artist (Aug-15)
IDLE, Eric – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography (Oct-18)
KAY, Adam – This is Going to Hurt (Oct-17)
LIGHTMAN, Alan – The Accidental Universe (July-14)
LUCKHURST, Roger (Ed) – Science Fiction – A Literary History (Jan-18)
The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs (Dec-15)
Real Life Rock (Dec-15)
MARSH, Henry – Do No Harm (Dec-16)
MILLER, Andy – The Year of Reading Dangerously (Apr-15)
Stuff Matters (Feb-14)
Liquid (Sept-18)
MORAN, Joe – Armchair Nation: An Intimate History of Britain in Front of the Box (Jan-15)
MORLEY, Paul – The Age of Bowie (Oct-16)
NEWLEY, Alexander – Unaccompanied Minor (Jan-18)
PARKS, Tim – Where I’m Reading From (Jan-15)
PERKINS, Sue – Spectacles (Dec-15)
PERRY, Grayson – Playing to the Gallery (Dec-14)
PORTAS, Mary – Shop Girl (pbk) (June-16)
RHODES, James – Instrumental (July-15)
Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Sheashells (July-15)
Eye of the Shoal (Nov-18)
SEDGWICK, Marcus – Snow (Oct-16)
THOMPSON, Derek – Hit Makers (Mar-17)
THORN, Tracey
Bedsit Disco Queen (Mar-14)
Naked at the Albert Hall (May-15)

VARIOUS – The Ladybird Expert Books, Vols 1-3
VILLANI, Cedric – Birth of a Theorem (Apr-15)