There are so many good books arriving at the moment, here’s a few I’m particularly looking forward to reading…

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters – the eagerly awaited ghost story that we’re all looking forward to reading. It’s a classic country house tale set shortly after the end of WWII.

Hearts and Minds by Amanda Craig – the sixth novel from one of my favourite novelists and a masterful book reviewer. It is set in London and follows the intersecting lives of five totally different people. Dovegreyreader recently interviewed Amanda, and the result was a fascinating insight into her inspiration for this novel which makes it an absolute must read soon for me. It was lovely to hear that Craig is back on her feet after a long illness too.

In a Summer Season by Elizabeth Taylor. Many have recommended this author to me, and I couldn’t resist – especially as Virago are reissuing many of her novels with stunning covers – isn’t that photo wonderful? I hope that I’ll love her books as much as everyone else does, and when I’ve read a few, I’ll turn to Nicola Beauman’s biography of her.

At the House of the Magician by Mary Hooper. This is a novel for older children/young adults set in Elizabethan times. It features a young maid who works in the house of Doctor Dee, court magician and alchemist, and she uncovers a plot to assassinate the queen. Hooper has written a handful of historical novels for this age group which all get brilliant write-ups – I hope she is another great discovery.

Snoop by Samuel Gosling. As someone whose first action whenever I go into anyone’s house is to look for the bookshelf (discretely of course!), I think I’ll really enjoy this book of pop psychology on what your stuff says about you..

And last but not least If I Stay by Gayle Forman. This, a children’s book was another recommendation by Dovegreyreader who loved it and gushed about it but couldn’t really write about it without giving the plot away. So I rushed out to order it as it sounds brilliant. Thanks dgr.

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  1. infiniteshelf says:

    That’s a good bunch of books! “The little stranger” and “If i Stay” are on my TBR list too, I’m looking forward to hear your thougts on those!

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