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The World of Ephemera: Before Z Cars…

Time for some more ephemera, Found in amongst a pile of old theatre programmes, this edition of the school mag of M.C.B. – Methodist College Belfast from June 1949. My mum went there, and must have been in the sixth form when this edition was published. Sadly, despite being a classics scholar and singer she doesn’t get a mention, but… Read more »

The World of Ephemera: A Swiss Folklore Evening

I love ephemera, (you can see a summary page of all my previous posts on the subject here), and I can’t resist sharing more bits with you as I find them. Today, we’re off to Switzerland, Luzern to be precise, and what could be more exciting than going by motor launch on the lake to one of the lakeside resorts… Read more »

The lost post archive: The World of Ephemera

Among all my recent ‘lost posts’ (more on that here), are some older series which I’d like to add back into the blog. I plan to add each series of posts back into their original places in the timeline with comments disabled, but with a live linking post here. The first lot I’m republishlng are those on Ephemera, including a series called The World of… Read more »

A Miscellany led by more marginalia …

Having dipped into this book often and read all the interviews I wanted to, this tome which I’d got from the charity shop was destined to go back there. Brief Encounters, subtitled ‘meetings with remarkable people’ is a collection of Gyles Brandreth’s interviews carried out for the Sunday Telegraph – he’s an engaging interviewer and good at getting his subjects… Read more »

The Wonderful World of Ephemera

A few years ago, I used to have a regular series of posts on ephemera – I even made a little button for it (right).  Select ‘ephemera’ in the category search box on the right hand sidebar – and these posts will all come up, alongside a few more recent ones. I was mostly finding all these fascinating bits of… Read more »

Knit one, purl one and all that …

(republished into its original place in the time-line from my lost post archive. See the rest of this series of posts here.) I haven’t done one of my ephemera posts on old papers and clippings found in my late Mum’s hoard for ages, but came across these two knitting patterns recently which piqued my interest… A knitted swimsuit – hard to… Read more »

The World of Ephemera #9

The Cockney Alphabet & Railway Porter’s Prayer I rediscovered these whilst sorting out a pile of cuttings and other assorted papers I’d built up the other day.  They come from articles in old editions of the Folio Society magazine. The Cockney Alphabet I love this, yet apparently there are millions of variations on it – so here are two, the first… Read more »

The world of Ephemera #7

The word is ‘dirndl’ A dirndl, just in case you’ve never heard the word before, is the name for a traditional peasant dress worn in Bavaria, the Tyrol and the surrounding areas. It consists of a fitted bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron. I’m talking dirndls today because I have one – read on … When I was at junior… Read more »

The World of Ephemera #5

Medical Matters It’s time for another post in my series on paper finds – and I have three things to share that are all linked by being of a medical nature. First is my Mum’s discharge certificate from the evocatively named Purdysburn Fever Hospital after suffering a bout of scarlet fever back in 1939. Scarlet fever or Scarletina (although Scarletina is… Read more »

The World of Ephemera #4: Childhood drawing

Sorting through mountains of papers, one happy discovery has been a folder containing many of my childhood drawings and doodles that my Mum had kept.  It has been absolutely wonderful to be reunited with them, and indeed a real trip down memory lane as I can remember many of them. My daughter has been especially interested as there are loads… Read more »

The World of Ephemera #3: The Department at Work   

In the days of brown coats and drawing boards. My parents worked for the Customs & Excise for just about all of their working lives in one post or another.  The C&E is now incorporated with the Inland Revenue into HM Revenue & Customs or HMRC.  We tend to associate C&E with catching smugglers and inspecting distilleries, but in reality of… Read more »

Boring Postcards redux 

One of my favourite artbooks is Boring Postcards by Martin Parr. It elevates the worst examples of the humble picture postcard to art. You can see my 2009 post about the book here where I gave it five stars it was that good. Another of the things I brought back from my Mum’s was her postcard collection. Two big shoeboxes stuffed with every postcard she’d ever… Read more »

In Praise of Good Old-Fashioned Autograph books

These days your average school leaver gets everyone to sign their shirt with marker pen on their last day as a souvenir of their time at school. Turn the clock back a few decades and you reach the time when people kept autograph books, and their friends wrote silly little poems, or drew pictures, or even a sentimental verse. I… Read more »