Look at what I won!

I have had my moments as a ‘comper’ in the past – entering loads of competitions, and winning a few too. I haven’t done that for years though, and have reverted to not winning things in general – but this week I’ve won twice! Not only did I win a prize (a nice multi-wicked candle) in my daughter’s old school Christmas fete raffle, but I entered a twitter competition from @AtlanticBooks and blow me, I won!

My prize was a selection from their current list:

I’m particularly looking forward to reading The Dinner by Herman Koch since I read Stu’s review, and only this afternoon I was looking at The Potter’s Hand by A.N.Wilson in the bookshop – it’s about Josiah Wedgwood; Will Rycroft admired Patrick Flanery’s Absolution too. I shall look forward to reading those three, but know nothing about the others – but they look interesting.

I do like winning books – such fun!, as Miranda would say. A huge thank you to Atlantic Books.

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  1. Leah says:

    Congrats! What an amazing prize to win! I don’t know anything about ANY of those books, but they have such pretty covers that they must be good 😛

  2. winstonsdad says:

    wonderful prize ,hope you enjoy the dinner and thank for mention ,the wilson sounds great I use go to stoke when growing up as it was nearby and heard him talk about this and his connection to the area ,all the best stu

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