Incoming …

I have to share this wonderfully titled book with you – I couldn’t resist it.

Up a tree in the park at night with a hedgehog by Paul Robert Smith sounds brilliant fun, quirky and probably full of black humour. The blurb mentions that the main character Benton Kirby has a girlfriend with a history of suicidal pets for instance, so think I’m in the right territory for a hilariously shocking read.

It reminds me of some of Christopher Brookmyre’s wacky titles like Quite Ugly One Morning, One fine day in the middle of the night or All fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

It goes straight to the small bedside table pile – I’ll report back soon.

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  1. Jenny says:

    My very favorite title of all time (I have not read the book) is “I Been In Sorrow’s Kitchen And Licked Out All the Pots” by Susan Straight. I thought of calling my dissertation that, actually. I love fabulous titles!

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