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The Pleasure of Vicarious Reading …

I promise I’ll have a book review for you very soon – honest!  Until then, I thought I’d natter about something that occurred to me the other day.  This was after I’d commented on Jane’s best of 2014 post which she styled as A Box of Books for 2014, and her reply to me. I said, “Your box is delightful… Read more »

Midweek Musings …

Dear Readers, I am smitten!  No, not a new man in my life, but a book. Finally, inspired by Simon’s Guest post on Vulpes Libris, I dug out my copy of The Diary of a Provincial Lady, by E.M. Delafield.  By page two, I was lapping it up, and I shall be dipping into this book and its sequels over… Read more »

Scoring books, some musings on the subject

There are two definite camps in the book blogosphere: those who give/find useful star ratings, and those who don’t. I’ve always been in the former camp, but I do recognise that ratings are no more than a highly personal snapshot of opinion at time of publication. I started out giving whole stars out of five, then had to give half… Read more »

Annabel's Midweek Miscellany

It’s so long since I did a bits and pieces post – it’s only worth doing when you’ve the requisite bits to talk about though… Firstly, advance warning to local quiz fans – The Mostly Bookbrains Literary Quiznight is returning in April, Friday 19th to be precise.  No further details at the moment, but all the profits will be donated… Read more »

Falling in love again …

The Joys of Re-reading I don’t do much re-reading.  I have too many unread books to get through, both new shiny ones and more of those which have been languishing on the shelves for far too long. Once in a blue moon though, I will re-read a book – just a couple a year usually. It so happens that Ali at Heavenali is… Read more »

Appearing elsewhere …

Just a short post to say that today I’m appearing elsewhere … My bookcases and I are over at Savidge Reads. Answering Simon’s questionnaire about my bookcases (and let’s face it, my mountainous TBR), was great fun and I am delighted to be taking part in his regular feature. I took a bag of books to the charity shop this… Read more »

Book Stats – Review of 2012, and aims for 2013

I posted about my books of the year a couple of weeks ago here. Now it’s time, as I always do, to take a light-hearted look at the stats of what I read… Life must be getting busier, as each year I seem to be reading fewer books. I say that firmly with my tongue in my cheek, as I… Read more »

Gaskella’s Midweek Miscellany #15

haven’t done a Midweek Miscellany post for some time. But when I discovered Jessica Hische’s wonderful website Daily Drop Cap, I had to share it with you.  Isn’t the candle ‘I’ lovely?  Every day has a different letter and a different style – brilliant. * * * * * ut on to more bookish things.  There’s been some chat around… Read more »

Simon’s Meme – What Your Books Say About You

Simon T at Stuck in a book developed this meme. Simon S at Savidgereads has since done it, and both have made fascinating reading. It’s a development of the ten random things about yourself type of meme. So I thought I’d have a go too. Here’s how to do it… 1.) Go to your bookshelves… 2.) Close your eyes. If… Read more »

Devising A Bookish Motto …

For fun I’ve been twittering about devising a bookish motto, which once tweaked may become the new subtitle of this blog. The phrase ‘Never leave home without a book’ sums my reading strategy up nicely. Now it needs to be translated into Latin … Many moons ago I did get an ‘A’ for my Latin O-level. I loved Latin, and… Read more »

My Easter kid-lit feast

I’ve decided that in the run-up to Easter, I shall concentrate on children’s literature and ya (young adult) novels. Like many readers, and notably dovegreyreader’s recent theme of revisiting her inner child, I get an awful lot out of reading proper children’s novels, the best of which are the equal of any adult book. However rather than re-read books I… Read more »


AnnaBookBel   February 10, 2009   No Comments on Bookmooching

Having been encouraged by a comment from Esther a couple of posts down the page (see my giveaway), I joined Bookmooch ( yesterday. I was put off before, as Bookmooch is not a straight-forward swapping forum like ReadItSwapIt. In BM essentially you list the books you’re willing to give away, people request them and you get points which you use… Read more »

Synchronicity & Serendipity

Sometimes in the book blogosphere we’re all looking at books of the moment – several reviews will be posted about a new book or a title in the news – there’s a synchronicity about it all … Take the book I’m reading now for instance – Warwick Collins new novel The Sonnets which puts Shakespeare’s poems into a novel setting… Read more »

Genrification … that’s the name of the game?

If a fiction book is labelled chicklit, or Science Fiction, does it put you off? – Possibly … Sci-Fi was one of the most spurned, if not the most derided genre of novels until chicklit came along. Personally, I can’t see anything wrong with either genre – in principle … Now I have to defend myself: Chicklit – I admit… Read more »

What makes a good choice for a book group?

I maintain that the best books for book groups are those that provoke discussion – titles that not everyone will like, or genres you don’t usually read for instance. Most important though is not to get stuck in a rut, by reading totally different types of books each month. The book group I belong to is lucky enough to have… Read more »

What’s your relationship to your reading?


Can you have more than one book at a time on the go? In other words are you a serial monogamist or a two-timer in your relationship to your reading materials? I’m always impressed by people who can manage to read several books at a go, swapping between them as the mood takes them and instantly picking up the thread… Read more »