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2014 in First Lines

I did this meme the previous two years too. A bit of fun for pre-Christmas. It originated at The Indextrious Reader. The “rules” are simple: Take the first line of each month’s first post over the past year and see what it tells you about your blogging year. Links go back to the original posts. Here goes: January: ‘I was amazed… Read more »

I'm taking the TBR Double Dog Dare…

For the past few years I’ve signed up to take part in James’s TBR Dare. Hosted by James of James Reads Books and featuring his beloved pooch Dakota in the graphic, the TBR Dare is very simple – Read only from your TBR from Jan 1 until April 1. You can make your own exceptions for book groups, scheduled reviews… Read more »

My Fantasy Book Group

Eric over at Lonesome Reader recently posted his fantasy book group – “people who aren’t authors themselves but individuals in the media who are known to have a serious intellectual side to them.”  Several of Eric’s choice have written books, but aren’t necessarily best known for that – so there’s flexibility there.  I couldn’t resist thinking about which five living celebs… Read more »

2012 in First Lines

In my reading, I’m still straddling the years – finishing two books started in 2012.  The historical epic The Game of Kings for my Doing Dunnett readalong, and Hardy’s Jude the Obscure for book group. Once I’ve finished those, I’ll enjoy reading something totally different (from my TBR of course). So it’s nice that a meme has turned up to… Read more »

Gaskella’s Midweek Miscellany #1

I won’t deny that I get loads of ideas and inspiration for posts and blog improvements from other blogs – don’t we all? A huge thank you to everyone who’s inspired me in this way. Something a lot of bloggers do, and I haven’t so far, is a regular round-up post. Doing a quick survey, Simon at Savidgereads does his… Read more »

Simon’s Meme – What Your Books Say About You

Simon T at Stuck in a book developed this meme. Simon S at Savidgereads has since done it, and both have made fascinating reading. It’s a development of the ten random things about yourself type of meme. So I thought I’d have a go too. Here’s how to do it… 1.) Go to your bookshelves… 2.) Close your eyes. If… Read more »

The LOTR Readalong

I’ve joined a readalong! I don’t usually do challenges or readalongs, as I have enough personal literary challenges in my reading resolutions without joining in any others. Also, like Simon at Savidgereads, I’m a big fan of what he calls “whimsical reading” and not over-tying myself into pre-planned reading. However, one of my reading resolutions for 2010 was to try… Read more »

My Life According to Books I Have Read

I got this fun meme from Kay at The Infinite Shelf. Using only books you have read this year (2009), cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. It’s a lot harder than you think! * Describe Yourself: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo * How do you feel: Cloud Busting * Describe where you currently live:… Read more »

Book Challenges – Love ’em or Loathe ’em?

Personally I loathe them. My TBR mountains are too precarious to start searching for that elusive book to complete a challenge on books published in the year of your birth, or novels with fruit in the title. Besides, I really don’t like choosing what I’m going to read next beyond the immediate one following. I like to be able to… Read more »

I’ve been tagged – sort of …

I have been invited to be ‘tagged if in the mood’ by the blog phenomenon that is having left a comment asking him to comment on my blog. He graciously did so – twice – Thank you very muchly indeed Scott. The rules for this are:1. Link to your tagger (see above).2. Share 7 facts about yourself – some… Read more »