Book Challenges – Love ’em or Loathe ’em?

Personally I loathe them. My TBR mountains are too precarious to start searching for that elusive book to complete a challenge on books published in the year of your birth, or novels with fruit in the title. Besides, I really don’t like choosing what I’m going to read next beyond the immediate one following. I like to be able to change my mind too and not feel any duty to read anything in particular so I can cross it off a list.

The only exceptions to this are the books chosen by our book group – for them I will delve deep into the piles of the unread to find buried literary treasures.

However, I find that I have signed up for one challenge for 2009 … It’s called the Read Your Own Books Challenge 2009 and can be found at All you have to do is give a total number of books of yours that you aim to read and that’s it. I’ve managed over 100 books this year, but have signed up for 50 in this challenge.

What could be better at spurring you on to scale your TBR mountains. It’s a great concept- I love this challenge!

0 thoughts on “Book Challenges – Love ’em or Loathe ’em?

  1. bermudaonion says:

    Well, I signed up for 2 and thought they were great when I signed up. I’m not making much progress, so I don’t think they’re so great anymore.

  2. Teresa says:

    I enjoy challenges because I enjoy making lists and thinking of what I might read, and I enjoy checking the links to see what others are reading. I don’t much care if I actually complete the challenge, and I don’t let them set my reading priorities. I do have a strict rule that I only join challenges that I can complete with books I already own, so my hope is that by completing the challenge I’ll also read a few of those books I’ve been meaning to get to. (I did make an exception for the 09 Pub challenge, but that’s because I do like to read some new books, and I can’t very well already own books that haven’t been published.)

  3. jelsie says:

    I’ve signed up for my first one for next year, it is fairly open, read 9 books in 9 self chosen categories – a total of 81 books in one year. Like most people I’m just looking for motivation to read my own books instead of buying or borrowing even more.

  4. Annabel Gaskell says:

    I do like stirring it up occasionally! Like many of you, I love getting distracted by making lists – I could spend all day browsing Librarything for instance, but it all reduces available reading time, so I try not to plan what I’m going to read too much.

  5. Annabel Gaskell says:

    Ta for correcting my English. I only write for fun, so don’t get tetchy if I get things wrong sometimes.

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