…and the Winner is …

Thank you to everyone who entered my Paul Auster giveaway. I will be searching out everyone’s nominations for their literary heroes – there were several names I don’t know at all – and if they’re good enough to be someone’s hero, they deserve to be investigated – Thank you.

My daughter has just picked a name from the hat for me, and the winner is: ANNA. If you could email me with your address I’ll get the book out to you asap.
Anna suggested the poet Cornish Charles Causley as her lit hero. A quick search for a quote gave me this from his first collection published in 1951 which is rather apt for today…

Song of the Dying Gunner A.A.1.

Farewell, Aggie Weston, the Barracks, at Guz,
Hang my tiddley suit on the door
I’m sewn up neat in a canvas sheet
And I shan’t be home no more.

Photo from flowersop.com

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