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The world of Ephemera #7

The word is ‘dirndl’ A dirndl, just in case you’ve never heard the word before, is the name for a traditional peasant dress worn in Bavaria, the Tyrol and the surrounding areas. It consists of a fitted bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron. I’m talking dirndls today because I have one – read on … When I was at junior… Read more »

The World of Ephemera #6

Family Photos I love looking at old family photos.  Amongst all my Mum’s was a small album she inherited from my late Great-Aunt Muriel.  This one shows Muriel and friends strolling down the street in Llandudno in 1929. Muriel is the third from the left, she was twenty-three when this was taken. I’ve no idea who the other three are… Read more »

The World of Ephemera #5

Medical Matters It’s time for another post in my series on paper finds – and I have three things to share that are all linked by being of a medical nature. First is my Mum’s discharge certificate from the evocatively named Purdysburn Fever Hospital after suffering a bout of scarlet fever back in 1939. Scarlet fever or Scarletina (although Scarletina is… Read more »