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A Musical Interlude

AnnaBookBel   September 30, 2008   No Comments on A Musical Interlude

Tom Waits – one of music’s best-kept secrets… You may not know his name, but you’ll know his songs – Rod Stewart’s cover of Downtown Train or Springsteen’s Jersey Girl for instance. You may recall a distinctive looking actor in supporting roles in some of Coppola’s films perhaps. What you may not know is his own voice; despite the fact… Read more »

Desert Island Books #1

This weekend has been totally hectic and I got virtually no reading done, so instead I’ll tell you about one of my desert island books – a book that’s made a big impression on me, and shaped my reading habits thereafter … The first on my list is The Shipping News by Annie Proulx who in those days was billed as E…. Read more »

What makes a good choice for a book group?

I maintain that the best books for book groups are those that provoke discussion – titles that not everyone will like, or genres you don’t usually read for instance. Most important though is not to get stuck in a rut, by reading totally different types of books each month. The book group I belong to is lucky enough to have… Read more »

In praise of the Literary Quarterly

Slightly Foxed is a four a year magazine billed as ‘The Real Reader’s Quarterly. It is beautifully produced on cream paper with lovely illustrations and usually comprises 15 or 16 articles – all championing books that are often out of print, but always an influential book for the essay’s author. As usual, No 19 was a fascinating mixure:- I’ve added… Read more »

You can judge a book by its cover – can’t you?

Browsing in Mostly Books yesterday I saw the new Zoe Heller novel The Believers. It has one of those lovely tactile dustjackets with gold and light embossing that the pic here can’t even start to do justice to – but you do really want to pick it up and read it, (perhaps taking the dustjacket off to preserve it once… Read more »

Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd by Nick Mason

Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd by Nick Mason Nick Mason has been with Pink Floyd right from the beginning – through all the band’s incarnations and troubles. He makes a genial host in his biography of the band, yet he proves too easygoing and unconfrontational to give us much analysis of the internal politics (and problems with… Read more »

A Trio of Five Star Books

As this is a new blog and we’re still getting to know each other, I thought I’d introduce you to a trio of the 5 star books I’ve read this year, so you can see some of the books I’ve really enjoyed reading. Fuller reviews can be found on my Librarything site – there’s a link to your right. The… Read more »

Rebus #2

AnnaBookBel   September 19, 2008   No Comments on Rebus #2

Hide and Seek by Ian Rankin Ian Rankin’s second Rebus novel is not quite as good as the first, but is still very enjoyable. Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, this time the doughty inspector investigates the death of a junkie with possible satanic overtones, while his super involves him in a anti-drug taskforce set up… Read more »

What’s your relationship to your reading?

Can you have more than one book at a time on the go? In other words are you a serial monogamist or a two-timer in your relationship to your reading materials? I’m always impressed by people who can manage to read several books at a go, swapping between them as the mood takes them and instantly picking up the thread… Read more »

“Is there anybody out there?”

I finally decided to dip my toes into the blogosphere. But before I write anything else, I must go and listen to Echoes from Meddle. I only found out today that Rick Wright died earlier this week, there was a good obituary in the Telegraph. I’ll be back tomorrow when I hope to get started in earnest. See you then… Read more »